Grand Bemolutionary Menu of Cod-Philosophy

What Is The Bemolution? – how this website started, and what its (very) general aims are.

Something Like Bemolutionary Ethics, But Not As Pretentious – lots of cosmic perspective and radical humanitarianism, with a squeeze of radical atheism for good measure. Basic gist – liberal individualism creates triviality-steeped self-obsessives. Take a good long look at ourselves, our society, the history of our species and the horrific suffering that we ignore despite being very able to prevent, and there’s no question what the only viable ‘meaning’ of life is.

(The Perils Of) Straight Line Thinking: A Cod-Philosophical Spurt, Post-Alan Moore some rubbish iconoclastic moral philosophy, inspired by beardy comic man Alan Moore. Inevitably ends up having a go at civilisation’s callousness, insularity and disastrous short-sightedness, calling for radical altruism to override our horribly material way of defining ‘success’.

Cosmic Perspective: radical change and not taking yourself too seriouslyone of the earliest things we ever done wrote, introducing one of our favourite subjects to bang on about – the ridiculous short-sightedness of our civilisation and the need for a ton of cosmic perspective as a way of jolting us out of our stupor.

Left-wing Least Wortism: Pressing Eco Matters – prodding at the looming environmental crisis that makes a radical overhaul of Western societies, and the way in which left-wingers look at and try to change them, so urgently necessary.

Left-wing Least Worstism: Neoliberalism Nutshelled – having a go at neoliberalism.

A) for the planet’s sake, and B) just to survive, the Left needs to get ‘generic’ argues for a new left-wing anti-capitalist position based around three big issues – one, the traditional leftist battle against inequality and elite-dominance in the developed world, two, dealing with looming environmental crisis, and three, a radical humanitarianism that fights against the grotesque poverty and privations that still exist in a world more than capable of doing away with them.

Left-wing Least Worstism: Unite Or Die – largely does what it says on the tin, namely arguing that unless the Left junks its dogmatic fixation with the political struggles of the twentieth century it’s screwed. In the eyes of far too many, ‘socialism’ has come to automatically mean Trotskyified Marxist-Leninism. It needs to be re-established as a broad, open, generic category capable of supporting all kinds of interpretations and that’s not dominated by any.

Generic Left: And Now For More Of That Scintillating Political Positioning Stuff – expounds our own madcap political-philosophical view of the world in a vague stab at proving that even a perspective as weird and unorthodox as ours shares a huge amount of common ground with more common strains of left-wing radicalism.

… and Part 2.

A Nation Of Prudes Obsessed With Sex – in which we talk about the way in which society, seemingly obsessed with sex, is still horribly repressed, its sexual squeamishness and unwillingness to talk openly about the most natural thing in the world causing all sorts of problems.

Not Half-Homophobia – Observations on a strange, secret aversion to homosexual practices among people who, on the surface, couldn’t be more liberal.