Music – Five Years (David Bowie)

Music stands out as one of civilisation’s better achievements, in that it doesn’t kill people and has been ameliorating boredom, angst, and upset for the last 40,000 years. YouTube’s saving grace is that, in addition to providing worldwide access to a limitless supply of vacuous idiocy, it also delivers a dazzling array of musical styles and genres to be sampled and enjoyed by the discerning web-surfer. Even better, it offers the enthralling opportunity to watch live performances. There’s always something especially fascinating about seeing the sounds you’re only used to pouring out of tinny speakers be physically produced before your eyes.

There’s not much else to this but bald self-indulgence, but the intention is to use the blog to present music The Bemolution likes. Since the musical mainstream has been so desecrated by a decade of X Factor-brand ready-meal Mariah Careys, maybe  we can pass off our decadence as the tiniest step towards bringing down the risible notion that if you’ve not heard it on the radio, it must be because it’s not any good.

Our inaugural exhibit is Five Years by David Bowie – which happens to be the first track of the second album The Bemolution ever got – a suitably apocalyptic number that quietly emerges from nothing to slow-build to a shrieking, unhinged, yet still stirring crescendo.

(We’d love to say that it was the first track of the first album we ever got and lap up the rock and roll kudos but, mortifyingly, when we were about 14 we asked for a late-era Simply Red album for Christmas, and Santa seceded to our demands.)

(So, for balance, here’s a schmaltzy dollop of Hucknall-own rubber soul)