Outside Now (Frank Zappa)

Zappa wrings something transporting and serene from the sleaziest, unlikeliest of material. Taken from 1979’s three-disc Joe’s Garage, a baffling smut-riddled rock-opera satirising the Iranian Revolution and the music business, Outside Now records the eponymous Joe’s dreams of revenge, guitar hero status, and liberation from the dystopian prison in which he finds himself incarcerated*. Here tranquilly rendered by Zappa’s relatively restrained 1980 touring band, the track features the affecting harmonies of Ray White (pink shirt, sunglasses) and Ike Willis (husky croon, tea-cosy) as well as some of Zappa’s most anguished guitar work and a lovely Hawaiian shirt.

*he was imprisoned after accidentally destroying an alluring vacuum-cleaner-robot called Sy Borg whilst trying to have sex with it, you see.