Halloween Double Bill – Dead Kennedys/Frank Zappa

Predictably, the Bemolution hasn’t got much time for Halloween, seeing it as rampant Yankee cultural imperialism cynically manipulating impressionable kiddies to sell shelf-fulls of overpriced plastic tat. But, since it’s sure as hell going to happen anyway, and ultimately doesn’t do that many people immediate physical harm, it’s a convenient excuse to showcase some nice loosely Halloween-themed music.

First out of the gate are the delightfully offensive Dead Kennedys – probably the Bemolution’s joint-favourite group alongside dazzlingly good Mancunian indie-founders The Smiths – with the originally entitled ‘Halloween’. Jello Biafra, vocalist, band spokesman and former prospective Mayor of San Francisco, uses the prism of a raucous yuppie get-together on All Hallows Eve to attack Middle America’s everyday conformism. While Mr Biafra exercises his vocals chords in harmony with his acid wit, East Bay Ray’s demented surf guitar has bipolar mood-swings between shrapnel-spitting shred and sawing riffs, the volatile concoction kept at boiling point by Klaus Flouride’s implausibly springy bass.

And second, resplendent in pink on the 31st of October 1981, we have the irreplaceable Frank Zappa – probably the Bemolution’s joint-favourite artist alongside ingenious vaudeville oddball Tom Waits – cheerfully presenting the scatological horrors of The Torture Never Stops.