Dion Rabouin on Martin Luther King

The hullabaloo that’s surrounded the 50th anniversary of MLK’s heroic ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ has predictably reduced the man to a civil rights campaigner with a nice line in oratorical flourishes. Obviously he was the twentieth century’s foremost rhetorically pleasing civil rights campaigner, but he was also a fierce critic of economic inequality. Like it does from everyone from George Orwell to Jesus, the mainstream media celebrates the bits of King’s legacy that are acceptable to the present-day political consensus and scraps the rest. Dion Rabouin of the Huffington Post has a good go at rebalancing the coverage by celebrating King the economic radical. But he also casually rubbishes socialism along the way, rattling through the standard American thought process that sees ‘socialism’ as 90% of the way towards ‘Communism’ which in turn is just a byword for initiative-crushing state tyranny. Apart from when it squeezes a hugely varied, adaptable view of the world and how it should be changed into the shoebox of stereotype – and to be fair to Rabouin he’s just reflecting King’s own stated views – it’s a nice article.

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dion-rabouin/martin-luther-king-capitalism_b_2506893.html