Robert Fripp Hasn’t Retired (King Crimson)

Early this year, Robert Fripp appeared to retire. This week, he’s announced that King Crimson are reforming, his protracted legal wrangles with Universal Group apparently resolved, which is all very surprising. We’ve never been all that fond of King Crimson, preferring Fripp’s less forbidding collaborations with other artists, and this isn’t likely to change by the sound of what’s been released about the band’s latest configuration. One-time Zappa sideman, Talking Heads dynamo and impressionistic guitar wizard Adrian Belew is out, which is a shame, because for thirty years he’s been Crimson’s bouncily enthusiastic human face. He’s been replaced by three drummers – interesting in theory, but not the nicest thing to listen to either. But never mind – it provides a decent enough excuse to showcase ‘Elephant Talk’, Crimson at its campest, silliest, and most accessible, mostly thanks to Mr Belew, here resplendent in pink. This video also documents one of the Halley’s Comet occurrences when Robert Fripp actually smiles on stage.

Oh, and go on then – the rather more geriatric early 2000s version too.

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