Paco de Lucia


The Bemolution is officially very, very sad to hear of the death of the mesmerically talented clump of cells born Francisco Sanchez Gomez, known worldwide as Paco de Lucia, maestro of flamenco guitar. Premature death (de Lucia was 66) is always worse from an atheist perspective. Paco has ceased to be. He’s dead. Forever. Gone, and never coming back. Digits that spent a lifetime flying across fretboards have wiggled their last, and it’s such a shame. Paco won’t mind, because he’s dead and won’t know anything about it. But for his young children, who he’d been playing with on a beach near his home in Cancun, Mexico just before he died of a suspected heart attack, it’s a sudden, shocking loss that they’ll likely be left dealing with for years to come.

A few years ago we wrote this about him and his music. We’d struggle to pinpoint a musician who’s brought us as much enjoyment in recent years as Paco de Lucia, particularly through his collaborations with John McLaughlin, Al di Meola and others. Because it’s about as much as we can do to honour his memory and a lovely musical legacy, we’ll hereby declare 2014 Bemolutionary Year of Paco de Lucia – which in effect will mean little more than us posting lots of his music on here, but it’s the thought that counts.