Headmaster Ritual (The Smiths/Radiohead)

Sacrilegiously, the Bemolution’s favourite rendition of landmark Morrissey/Marr track ‘The Headmaster Ritual’ isn’t even by The Smiths. Like a lot of the band’s early to mid-period output (although they were around for such a short time that beginning middle and end sort of blur into one) some fairly anaemic live performances let down magnificent material. By 1986, the original four-piece would be bolstered by Craig Gannon at live gigs, an acknowledged pain in the arse but a competent rhythm guitarist and, as such, a source of much-needed extra heft on stage.

Here, though, the laddish Mancunians (plus Morrissey) have been swapped out for a bunch of public school boys from Abingdon. Radiohead are often not so much anaemic as face down in the spaghetti Bolognese, but they bring sufficient feeling to Moz’s angsty condemnation of his own violent education.

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