Yes I Am Blind (Morrissey)

Once you’ve got over the fact that 90% of Morrissey songs are about how miserable it is being Morrissey, you can start to appreciate his talent as a lyricist, and the care with which his songs are constructed. They’ve got a beginning, a middle and an end, and a sense of movement – you’re not just listening to the repeating, repetitive stanzas of sweet nothings you get from so much modern music.

Having dismissed Steven Patrick as a spiteful sociopath and his solo career as twenty years of the same album, this track popped out of the randomising Bemolutionary music machine the other day and reminded us that there is some merit to post-Marr Moz. There are much better songs in his solo catalogue, but something about the embittered yet strangely rousing ‘Yes, I Am Blind’ caught our ear.

Perhaps it was the pseudo-Smithsian jangle (it’s based one of a series of demos offered to Morrisssey by Smiths bassist Andy Rourke in 1989, before their later apocalyptic falling out) or the bitterly exasperated appeals to a god that almost definitely doesn’t exist to come down and face what it’s created. In any case, there’s a moral to the story: Morrissey might be an empathy-deficient self-obsessive but that doesn’t override the fact he’s the finest British songwriter in several generations.