Sheela Na Gig (PJ Harvey)

And now for the unholy thump of Somerset’s very own Polly Jean Harvey. 2011’s critically-acclaimed Let England Shake was a bit toothless and wishy-washy for our liking. We, unoriginally, prefer the throbbing primitivism of PJ’s early work, where Pixies-grade proto-grunge met gender politics and lyrics that were variously searingly emotional, foggily poetic and rollickingly fun, while generally being far more subtle and nuanced than Elvis Costello claimed when he suggested all her songs seemed to be either about blood or fucking.

Sheela Na Gig, from Polly’s 1992 debut Dry (one of our most favourite albums), is both named after and, as far as we can tell, partially about the charming Celtic carvings of woman with disproportionately huge vaginas found on particularly ancient buildings across the British Isles. Its slashing power chords and quiet-loud dynamics are positively Nirvana-ish, but you wouldn’t catch any of these lyrics coming out of the late Kurt Cobain’s cake-hole.