Welcome To The Bemolution


The Bemolution is having a good go at providing an accessible left-wing guide to the modern world, albeit in a million instalments, disproportionately many of which end up being about old men with guitars rather than politics. Inevitably, it has and will probably continue to fall short of that lofty objective, but it’s a worthy endeavour.

For thirty years, the Right has used plain language to talk about people’s everyday concerns, and too much of the Left hasn’t. A sanely organised society would cut Western lifestyles down to size to raise billions out of life-threatening poverty, and use our collective resources to ensure the general wellbeing of everyone alive.

The end goal has to be a situation where those of us in the ‘developed’ world live far smaller, more contained, more ecologically manageable lives, while the global poor are heaved out of poverty – and the establishment of a target universal living standard, far less wasteful and materialistic than the one we’re used to in the West, designed to balance reasonable comfort with long-term environmental sustainability and the general wellbeing of everyone alive.

And here’s one on how we started and what we’re all about – What Is The Bemolution?