Heartaches By The Number (Ray Price)

For some reason, the Bemolution loves benign American pop music from the ’50s, despite the fact we should probably hate it and everything it represents. Harlan Howard-penned ‘Heartaches By The Number’ was first given voice in 1959 by the wholesome baritone of Ray Price, here shown bearing a fair resemblance to devious President Charles Logan from the fifth series of 24, and standing around what looks the set of a Wild West-themed panto with a higher-pitched pal in a lovely shirt.

Price’s version – slightly better in our meaningless opinion – wasn’t the one that brought the song to a mass audience, though. Later the same year, Guy Mitchell’s rendition would prove a roaring success. Decades in the future, this same recording would find favour among legions of people far too young to touch country music with a barge-pole after it appeared in 2010’s absorbingly excellent Fallout: New Vegas.

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