Do You Love Me Like You Say You Do (Lee Fields)

Brooklyn-based Truth and Soul records lovingly curate neo-traditionalist funk and soul. El Michels Affair, Cosmic Force, Bronx River Parkway and the bevy of other funk aficionados it’s shepherded to cult success make music you’d swear fell straight out of 1973. Most of them are well-heeled young white boys, borderline-autistic in their reverence for Isaac Hayes and the sounds of ‘70s Blaxploitation. But Lee Fields, vocally and physically a ringer for the late great Mr James Brown, has been at it since the late ‘60s. Prolific but never huge throughout the ‘70s, Fields was airlifted from obscurity in late middle age when T and S teamed him up with label house band The Expressions and exposed him and his elephant-flooring vocal heft to a new generation. “Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)” marries the braying horns and keys of a Curtis Mayfield record with hip-hop hi-hats and nonchalant guitar skanks. Over the top, Fields hollers so-so love lyrics with gasket-blowing sincerity.