There Is No Lord Up There (Billy Jenkins)

In the which-is-my-favourite-song contest, it’s a three-way shoot-out between This Charming Man, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, and this by Billy Jenkins, my favourite musical artiste still above ground.


Economics for Non-Sociopaths: An introduction


This is the first post in a new series about economics. Economics is earth-shatteringly important. And yet most people know practically nothing about it. This has had several unfortunate consequences over the years – perhaps most notably, the commanding heights of the modern economy being given over to a lawless cabal of white-collar sociopaths, who are currently in the process of sacrificing what little remains of civilised society in order to make themselves richer and more powerful.

I did 17 years in full time education, including a history degree at what’s supposedly one of the best universities in the world, and came away knowing almost nothing about economics. I emerged, blinking, into the harsh light of adulthood without ever having had a single lesson on the subject, and without a basic understanding of interest, inflation, where money comes from, and a whole host of other colossally important bits and pieces about the way the world works. Continue reading “Economics for Non-Sociopaths: An introduction”

Pretentious Ecological Doomsday Statement

climate change

2015, so far at least, has been a year characterised by me getting repeatedly distracted from banging on about the thing I need to be banging on about, which is the environment.

First there was the general election. And then there was Corbyn’s unexpected but delightful transition from pariah-status fringe parliamentarian to Labour leadership frontrunner. I sunk hours into writing about both.

Now Corbyn’s won, I can already feel myself being sucked in again – instinctively reaching for the keyboard to defend him with every new ludicrous slur or piece of borderline-criminal media impartiality. I’m at risk of becoming the political equivalent of one of those overcompensating macho boyfriends who hospitalises anyone who looks at their girlfriend a bit funny. Continue reading “Pretentious Ecological Doomsday Statement”

Modern Socialism: Marx, Marxism And Doing Things Differently From Now On

artist taxi frankie boyle
Frankie Boyle and the Artist Taxi Driver: Straight-talking luminaries of the New New Left

Marx is overrated, the Bolsheviks killed people and put socialism back decades, and the Marxism most worth with bothering with nowadays isn’t very Marxist at all. Thus concluded our whistle-stop intellectual coach trip through far-left political philosophy, now pulling in at its final destination.

It’s obviously been a very selective and simplified overview. I’ve tried to write it in such a way that people not massively acquainted with the ins and outs of radical philosophy could understand it. Continue reading “Modern Socialism: Marx, Marxism And Doing Things Differently From Now On”