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Yokel-radicals in London: the People’s Assembly demo, 16th April 2016

I think that civilisation is probably sunk – all-but-certainly doomed to destruction through its own colossal, maddening, earth-ravaging stupidity. It’s something which tends to give a sort of grey melancholic tint to everything.

So, in case I end up writing a bleak, stream of consciousness account of it that makes it sound like Apocalypse Now on a coach to London rather than a gunboat to Cambodia, let’s establish from the off – I went on the People’s Assembly march last weekend, and it was quite good. I liked it, there were lots of people there, and, most importantly, I think it achieved something of vague political use.

But as is so often the case in this life, the journey – a long coach ride there and back, full of brooding political-philosophical discussion (and a bouncy, high-spirited parade through central London) – was a lot more interesting than the actual destination – in this case, a damp Trafalgar Square, and some shouty speeches. Continue reading “Yokel-radicals in London: the People’s Assembly demo, 16th April 2016”